About company

We are Russian company which one of the first developed the system of positioning for premises based on the signals of WiFi and iBeacon lights, data about changes of geomagnetic area, accelerometer and gyroscope.

Indoors Navigation Company develops platform for creation of accurate geolocation services inside the premises including analytical and marketing tools.

The system is based on the signals of Wi-Fi networks and iBeacon beacons, data on changes in the geomagnetic field, accelerometer and gyroscope.

We are ready to cooperate with you!

System integrator


System integrator
 Mobile developer, RTLS developer


Mobile developer, RTLS developer

Global Partner

Working with partners, we offer the integration of our solutions in various fields, satisfying all customer requirements.

Distributors, system integrators, developers of RTLS solutions and other members of the Indoors Navigation partnership program can provide a wide range of services based on the location of the user for the end customer, broadly scaling their business.

become a distributor
Become a distributor of Indoors Navigation, if you:
  • You have certain knowledge and skills in working in industries that require the use of solutions for indor navigation;
  • Can offer a full range of services, including installation and maintenance;
  • You are the owner of software that can become more valuable after integration with geolocation solutions for premises.
You are getting:
  • Access to Indoors Navigation technologies and documentation, as well as API;
  • Dedicated manager-consultant and the possibility of training staff;
  • Additional profit and new opportunities.

The Indoors Navigation partnership program enables mobile developers to use in their solutions location services in the premises and opens up new business opportunities in this area.

If you become our partner, you get access to the navigation platform and services using algorithms based on Wi-fi signals and Bluetooth networks, data from sensors of the mobile device (magnetometer, accelerometer and gyro).

become a partner
Become a development partner if you:
  • Specialize in mobile development;
  • Work with clients who need solutions for navigation in the premises;
  • Do not want to spend time and money on developing additional functionality and at the same time provide a full range of services to your customers.
You are getting:
  • iOS and Android SDK with the function of indor navigation, marketing and analytical tools;
  • Access to the control panel and API with detailed documentation;
  • Additional functionality that increases the value of your development;
  • The ability to quickly enter the market with solutions for end users;
  • Dedicated consulting manager.

The Indoors Navigation team is interested in working with new partners to successfully work together and develop mutual advantages in the market of indoor navigation.

We use the latest technology and the most popular solutions for indor navigation, which help maximize the quick profit.

become a strategic partner
Become a strategic partner if you:
  • Want to expand your product portfolio and quickly enter the market;
  • Want to use the services and benefits of indoor positioning for your business.
You are getting:
  • Full cooperation in the implementation of joint projects;
  • Access documentation and technology Indoors Navigation;
  • Scalable integration, which increases the value of your business to customers.

Indoors Navigation team invites to partner cooperation

We have developed a platform that extends the functionality of mobile and web applications by integrating navigation and analysis tools that are applicable to determining the position of the user and monitoring the movement of equipment in the building.

We are open for cooperation with companies operating

Manufacturers of mobile devices
Producers of sensors iBeacon and Eddystone
Developers of Indoor Navigation Systems
In the field of mobile application development
System integrators and creators of RTLS solutions
Advertising and analytical solutions for premises
We are ready to cooperate with you!