Indoors Navigation represents a universal cloud control platform enabling to solve wide set of tasks connected with the location of mobile device (or tracker) indoors. Access to the platform is implemented through Web browser or desktop application for OS X, Windows and Linux.
Access to the platform is provided through web the browser or a desktop the application for OS X, Windows and Linux.
The platform consists of three spaces and mobile tool of developer

Developer board

Designer panel for creation and set-up of mobile applications

Marketing board

Analytical and marketing tools for object management

Profile board

A user’s personal cabinet: photo, name, surname, floor, age, hobby, preferences, country, region, city, address, social network, settings

Developer mobile tool

An application for measurement of the level of lights signals and database updating. Client-side version of mobile and desktop application.

Create your mobile application with use of our tools for development.
Use of our precision service of navigation on premises at your iOS and Android applications possibly due to integration SDK and API which as well allow to implementers in short time to get access to marketing and analytical part of service thanks to detailed documentation.


Improve your application with the aid of wide functionality our resolution, opening for users new opportunities.

Android SDK

Use our templates and create your applications with functions of navigation in premises, analytics and marketing.
We supply information of all opportunities of our platform with detailed description on integration API and SDK.
To save the time of implementators, we give consultations and technical support 24/7. Contact us:
On our channel you can find movie tutorials on work with platform Indoors Navigation.
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