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Navigation indoors

Various solutions for navigation indoors appear on the market in the era of of rapid development of radio technologies, innovative solutions in the field of electronics, improving the accuracy and quality of positioning.

Indoors Navigation has become one of the few Russian companies, which was the first developer of navigation systems, based on the unique iBeacon technology.

Our clients have found an opportunity not only to build a modern navigation system in their premises, but also to earn quite substantial funds on it.

Navigation indoors

Full analytics

We offer modern tools for the visitors’ movement analyzing. Our mobile navigation service allows to obtain the full analytics on mobile applications users in real-time through an intuitive web interface:

- history of premises and time of event in different locations of a facility;

-  all routes tracking (heat map);

- social portrait of the audience (age, gender, preferences).

Full analytics

New advertising opportunities

Our new location-based advertising service, which allows you:

- sending messages to the user on a mobile device when he/she is close to the desired object;

- informing the user about current events and promotions;

The object’s owner gets a modern advertising distribution channel to its visitors.

New advertising opportunities


User-friendly interface - understandable to any user of modern tablet or smartphone. With the application from Indoors Navigation, it’s easy to determine your location, find the product or service, you are interested in, a specific location, as well as greatly facilitate the search for friends inside a multistory building.


Any owner of a mobile device, managed by iOS and Andriod systems, can use our mobile application. Moreover, it does not require a complex and time-consuming installation, while performing work on the navigation system installing.


Taking the opportunity of our navigation system introducing, the owner of a public area acquires a mass of real possibilities for advertising, audience growing and earnings increasing. This is both a solid analytics package of visitors’ movement, and an effective toolkit of location-based advertising, as well as a convenient platform to provide customers with additional services.

Navigation from the company Indoors Navigation

Navigation from the company Indoors Navigation

Indoors Navigation offers its clients a solution that will put an end to the problem of indoors navigation inaccessibility. It is based on the iBeacon technology. Our solution is perfect for navigation in shopping and exhibition centers, museums, train stations and airports. Our customers have gained the opportunity to build a modern navigation system in their premises, to obtain data for market research and a way to increase their profits through new services.

Indoors Navigation will be useful not only for visitors to public spaces, but also for the tenants and owners of premises.

For the owners of premises
  • Enhanced capabilities of the visitors’ service
  • Detailed analysis of visits
  • Boundless possibilities in location-based advertising
  • Tracking of visitors and staff in real time
  • Prompt informing about advertising campaigns implementation
  • Precise location pinpointing
  • Optimal Route Guidance, while taking into account the levels inside the building
  • Easy search for necessary goods, services and facilities
  • Social Activity
  • Operative informing about promotions and sales

A network of iBeacon tracking devices - Lighthouses, which give information on the air, is deployed within the public area

A network of tracking devices-identifiers, created within the public area, represents a base for the revolutionary system of indoors positioning. iBeacon Lighthouses are adapted to work within the framework of the Bluetooth protocol, and signal about themselves with equal time intervals in the radio broadcast.

Characteristic features of the system:

Ease of installation and affordable price, compared with the existing technologies on the basis of other networks (GPS, Wi-Fi, GSM)

Reliability and safety (Bluetooth 4.0standard is in good standing with health experts)

Implementation rate (the entire scope of work, from deployment of the network to its setting indoors, won’t take more than two weeks).


Lighthouses radio signals are captured by a mobile application that determines the location

Our application, installed on the mobile device, receives the signal over Bluetooth, tracking data of the radio signal power, emitted by the nearest transmitters. Based on the information received, the locating application captures the current location of the gadget owner.

Guarantees when using transmitters from iBeacon:

Excellent compatibility (technology is supported by smartphones and tablets on the Android platform and iOS)

High (within 2 m) accuracy of location identification.


The owner gets the opportunity to keep statistics and receives the channel of location-based advertising

Management companies of museums, airport terminals, exhibition centers, shopping and leisure centers, as well as the tenants of premises, get the opportunity to use widely the information about the visitors’ location.

Accumulation of data and analysis of statistical information on the movements within a public area (polls are left in the past)

Location-based advertising (LBA) in the sphere of services and trade

Vivid and unusual advertising campaigns, based on the analysts’ findings about the visitors’ behavior within the public area.